Once Again XRP Is Back to $1.02, Shocking and Maybe Volatile?

None of the cryptocurrency in the market seems to be in a great condition. In 24 hours market proved itself to be volatile as before due to bouncing back to their lowest point. No matter if it’s a Ripple or bitcoin or Ethereum, all currencies are getting down and today their values get down about 8% to 11%.

The value of Ripple made it quite clear how bad market is going and how much value is it going to lose more? In past 24 hours, Ripple loses about 10% and get back to $1.02. Ripple is making its place in the market but unfortunately, Ripple XRP is unable to raise its value.


Right now in the market cryptocurrency is having a lot of pressure some are calling it a volatile and some are in favor of it. Every cryptocurrency in the list of top 10 has suffered from the massive loss in just 24 hours.

This is shocking to the investors because everyone was expecting 2018 to be a financial asset year. It’s been three days when the market was going towards the capitalization of $600 Billion which was how it all started but right now it’s still on $450-550 Billion market cap.


As compared to the bitcoin Ripple has declined it’s priced about 2.5% but it’s much small than the predictions. People were expecting it to be a major loss once it started to get down but right now it still seems to be controllable.

Every downfall started from bitcoin which is a giant of a market at this moment. If bitcoin is going down it means all currencies will go down too, it may be a small share but it will. All we have to see today is how far XRP can go towards the low value? In few hours it will be clear how volatile XRP could be?

Once Again XRP Is Back to $1.02, Shocking and Maybe Volatile?
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