Do you really think that in a market there are few cryptocurrencies you can work on? A majority is going to the Bitcoin, Ripple XRP, and Ethereum. In 2018 there are more cryptocurrencies in a market you could work on. Cryptocurrency is basically a smart transaction for which you don’t need a help from any third party, you can do transactions, transfers, and banking on your own. The blockchain is one of the most reliable and trusted digital app to work on your cryptocurrency.

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Ripple launched back in 2012 and since that point Ripple has become favorite of all the banks and investors due to an easy transaction and transferrable mode. Since the launch of the Ripple, this crypto is making it’s placed on the market and climbing up in terms of value and reliability. In the last span of 10 days Ripple almost lost it’s 50% of the value but it’s still one of the favorite cryptocurrencies in the market.

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Litecoin discovered by a Google employee. You can say that it’s simple to deal with it has faster transaction but the mining of the litecoin is way too expensive than the bitcoin. Litecoin is also showing remarkable progress and maybe for some time, this crypto is going to make its place in top currencies.

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As we all know that bitcoin is the top cryptocurrency right now where everyone wants to deal. The value of bitcoin is $13,000 right now and it’s still the highest. Bitcoin is holding it’s placed in the crypto market strongly.

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Ethereum came into the market in 2015, and it’s known as one of the smartest cryptos in the market. You don’t have to deal with complications while you are dealing with the Ethereum. Cryptocurrency market will soon be moving to Ethereum once its value gets stable.

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These are the top 4 currencies in the cryptocurrency market in which you can deal. If you have an investment to deal with then you can choose one of the currency and hold them to the point where you can have the right amount of business out of it.




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