Social Messaging App Line is All Set to Launch it’s Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is making everyone crazy despite the fact that it’s going down and doing quite a slow recovery which is not satisfying for the investors and traders. Different currencies are launching their own cryptocurrencies and some of them are still researching to launch it after having a complete survey of the market.

After several crackdowns crypto is standing at a point where nobody can predict exactly where is it about to go? In these circumstances, there is one more cryptocurrency which is all set to get launch and this time the owner is no one but a major social network of Asia.

Famous messaging app Line is all ready to launch its own cryptocurrency and according to the app, this app will allow more than 170million users to trade cryptocurrency through their phones. It will give them easier access to money just by tapping their messaging app.

According to the Koji Higashi who is a Japanese bitcoin entrepreneur said that cryptocurrency market is not in loss even they are making great profit at this point and companies like line are taking an advantage of it to make more money by launching their own currency in the market.

A line has already applied for the license in Japan to open their own cryptocurrency exchange. It seems like the line is trying to launch their cryptocurrency with proofs and to attract more audience. They have already prepared a wallet for their currency named Line Pay, through this wallet you can pay for the good and services you want to avail online.

A line also said that they are planning to bring insurance and other personal loans to the line which user can avail by paying in cryptocurrency. On Wednesday Line’s stock rise about 2.6% in Tokyo which means the line is all set to have a great start.

If Line stocks are going to be strong in the market then of course maybe it will make its place in one of the best currencies in the market. Not only jobs but cryptocurrency are in competition as well and this currency is reliable due to the Line app which is popular among the people.

Social Messaging App Line is All Set to Launch it’s Cryptocurrency
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