Samsung Is Manufacturing Bitcoin Mining Chip With GPU Crypto Mining Chip

Crypto market is not doing well and the everyday number of analysis, predictions, and charts are coming out. Some of them are to warn investors while some of them are giving courage to the investors to wait for some time until market get stable. Who is going to be a savior for people in such situation? Cryptocurrency is reachable on your devices, just by one tap you can use them or transfer them to your account.


Now Samsung has announced to prepare a chip for bitcoin mining. When everyone is trying to manufacture something new then why should Samsung stay behind?

The design of Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) was already completed last year and is already in the production. According to the analyst at Samsung securities, this chip is not going to consume a lot of energy in the building and it’s not going to affect the production of other chips in a company.

This is going to be a major win for Samsung because right at this moment bitmain is known as one of the largest manufacturers of bitcoin mining hardware. People from the starting were having hardware from bitmain but now Samsung is going to be a competitor.


Still, Samsung has not mentioned what kind of chip is being used in the manufacturing of this hardware for bitcoin mining. This company has already in production of mass producing GDDR6 chips which will be useful to mine GPU based cryptocurrencies. Due to the Samsung, you will be able to mine all kinds of currencies in 2018 and maybe this hardware will be easy to use as well as it will consume less energy hopefully.

GPU mining is going to be the most famous option for the mining of Ethereum. Once this chip is going to be in a market then we have to decide which one is going to be the best hardware in the market.

Samsung Is Manufacturing Bitcoin Mining Chip With GPU Crypto Mining Chip
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1 Comment

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