Ripple XRP’s Volatility Is Advantageous For Market, Said Ripple MD

Ripple XRP is in a recovery phase where investors are still waiting to use it. According to the predictions Ripple, XRP is going to cross $5 in 2018 and if Ripple is going to achieve the target of $5 this year then definitely this cryptocurrency is only going to grow.

Many investors are finding themselves at a loss due to the downside of the cryptocurrency and they are rushing to the market to sell it. Ripple XRP is considered as the safe currency due to the major adoptions worldwide but still, the value of Ripple is not satisfactory for the traders.

Nouriel Roubini who is a well-known economist said that bitcoin is the mother of all the bubbles and its prices will be down to zero. Ripple MD said that volatility of the currency is positive because this attracts the attention of wider market once value started to climb up.

Volatility is a positive aspect of cryptocurrency because it can provide massive profit to the investor in few minutes. People participate more in the trading when they come to know about heavy profits of the currency and it increases the demand for currency in the market.

Ripple XRP is one of the most demanding cryptocurrencies in the market. Major firms are adopting this currency as a payment method and testing its technology to use it as an official currency in the future.

Danny Aranda said that at the time of implementing regulations on cryptocurrency people thought it’s damaging but in reality, these regulations are driving more traffic towards the cryptocurrency and people are finding it as a safe trading. According to the Ripple MD, it’s a short-sighted fact that regulations are damaging but it’s going to provide the surety to people that their capital is safe and it’s not a scam.

Ripple XRP’s Volatility Is Advantageous For Market, Said Ripple MD
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