Why Ripple XRP is the Currency to Look in 2018?

Ripple XRP is one of the most successful currency is in the market after bitcoin. After bitcoin investors are likely to believe in the value and reliability of Ripple. From the few days Ripple is trying to be on top once again but due to the fluctuation in a market, it’s not possible at this time. After all the changes in the value people are questioning what the Ripple company really is?

Ripple XRP is the best currency to look for in the market because it is providing more transparency and liquidity in payment as compared to the other cryptocurrency. To transfer funds from one place to another is not a big deal anymore, it takes a few seconds now and all thanks to the Ripple technology.


If we compare bitcoin to the Ripple XRP then Ripple has the much greater capacity and it can approve about 2,500 transactions per second. Bitcoin can only approve 5 transactions per second and transaction fees of bitcoin is much more than the Ripple.

People who are trying to do bitcoin transactions have to pay more as compared to the Ripple transactions. In just a few months Ripple XRP has challenged the position of bitcoin in terms of facilities and speed.


Companies are adopting Ripple because they think XRP is essential to provide a faster payment method to the customers. According to the analyst, it has been cleared that Ripple XRP has potential to be an alternative to bitcoin in the future.

XRP is a digital token which is mostly owned by Ripple Labs Inc. In December Ripple showed great progress after the rumor that coinbase is going to adopt Ripple as a payment method. These rumors were fake and suddenly there was a setback in the prices at the starting of 2018.

Maybe there are chances that Ripple is not that bubble which is going to burst with time and everyone is going to lose what they have.

Why Ripple XRP is the Currency to Look in 2018?
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