Reasons Why You Should Have Ripple XRP in Your Wallet in 2018

Ripple seems to be next big currency in the market after bitcoin. Ripple is one of the most valued currency right now, major investors are showing their interest towards the Ripple XRP. Still, many people are confused about why they should buy Ripple in 2018 and what should be the solid reasons to buy them? If you are wondering, then here we are giving you few reasons why you should buy Ripple in 2018 and hold them for few months.



As you all know Ripple XRP is the bank currency and major firms are adopting it now. Due to the high adoption level of Ripple chances are there will be fewer sellers and more buyers in coming years. Different stores all over the world are also interested in making Ripple XRP a payment method. It means people will buy it more to shop and it for the high-profit percentage.


The XRP technology is something different than the rest of the digital currencies. It can handle 1500 transactions per second while other currencies are unable to handle it. At this time, a bank transfer from one country to another takes about 3-5 days but Ripple is instant transfer where you don’t have to involve the third party in your financial matters.



Ripple XRP always managed to stay in news. Major investments and firms always talk about Ripple in their reports and statements which means it’s not going to die anytime soon. At the end of 2018, these news will influence XRP to reach its maximum prices. At different conferences, officials are invited to check Ripple payment method which keeps Ripple alive in news and people manage to buy coins.


Technical analysis till now is saying one should buy Ripple XRP. Analyst is saying that Ripple has scope in future and in few days you will see the rise in price suddenly. Analysts and investors are showing their interest as well as 80 banks right at this time are testing Ripple XRP. All these testing are proof that worth of coin will be more than $30 in few months.

Reasons Why You Should Have Ripple XRP in Your Wallet in 2018
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