Market Experts Give Warning to Buyers: Bitcoin Loses It’s 50% of the Value in Just One Month.

The major reason why bitcoin is going through such a tough situation is that several countries including South Korea have regulated the rules. Bitcoin trading involves a large number of anonymous trading which is the actual profit and it makes bitcoin value higher but after a ban on anonymous trading, bitcoin is not doing well in the market.

With South Korea, India has also held the accounts of traders who were having transactions rapidly regarding bitcoin. Under these circumstances, it’s hard for the bitcoin to recover in the market and to get back the trust of its loyal traders all over the world.


In December 2017 bitcoin was at the peak $20,000 and trading volume of the bitcoin was high but right now bitcoin is in between $10,000 to $12,000 which means in just a month bitcoin has lost 50% of its value. In the starting, everybody thought bitcoin is going to do well in future and once market will get stable bitcoin’s value will be more than $20,000.

It seems like every prediction goes in the vain as it’s been more than a month when bitcoin is not crossing $12,000. Bitcoin is known as the king of cryptocurrency due to its value but it is dropping every day.

Due to this situation, analysts are not seeing a great future of it. According to the analyst, every investor should take care of their sum and think thousands of times before investing in bitcoin. Possibilities are the bitcoin may drop next month due to the bans and regulations.


Financial advisors all over the world are advising traders to be careful when they are investing in any kind of cryptocurrency because these currencies are losing their share per hour.

According to them, there is no doubt in a thought that cryptocurrency market is volatile and it may be possible that it will give a loss to the people who are investing a huge sum of their fortune in it to get massive profit from it. Currently, the cryptocurrency market is dangerous and can’t handle more sellers.

Market Experts Give Warning to Buyers: Bitcoin Loses It’s 50% of the Value in Just One Month.
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