Forbes List 2018: The Richest People All Around the World in Cryptocurrency

So you must have gone through the list of people who have currency in their accounts and who are among the list of richest people in the world. After cryptocurrency, there comes a trend when people started to get rich just because they have few bitcoins in their digital wallets. Forbes has released a list in which they have included people all around the world who are rich because of cryptocurrency asset. Have a look at the list.


Chris Larsen is the former CEO of Ripple and it’s crypto net worth is about $7.5- $8 Billion. He has about 5.2 Billion XRP which is definitely a handsome amount in the world of cryptocurrency.


Joseph Lubin is a co-founder of Ethereum and it’s estimated net worth is $1-$5 Billion. He is a founder of Consensys too.


Changpeng Zhao was known as “CZ” but in the period of 7 months, he created the world’s largest crypto exchange named “Binance”. He has moved his business to three countries and in future, he may jeopardize it. His crypto net worth is $1.1-$2 Billion.


In 2012 when very few people knew about bitcoin, these twin brother bought some bitcoins and made the history of coming back in the business. Winklewoss brothers held coins tightly and now they own New York-based cryptocurrency exchange Winklewoss capital, this exchange on the daily basis go through $300 Million transactions. The net worth of Winkleswoss brothers is $900M-$1.1B.


His friends and family warned him not to invest in cryptocurrency but he listened to his gut feeling. He invested in XRP at the time of launching. His crypto net worth is about $900M-$1B.


He is a CEO of coinbase which is a most popular and known as the nerve center of cryptocurrency in U.S. He is kind of a guy who made money by selling pans and his crypto net worth is about $900M-$1B.


Matthew is a co-founder of Bloq and founder of Tally capital. He came to know about bitcoin in 2011 and invested at that point. He participated in ICO’s as well.


Anthony is a co-founder of Ethereum and founder of Jaxx and Decentral. He has invested in a number of crypto assets and found Ethereum by investing some in it. His plan was to invest in existing coin early and then to come up with his own coin. His net crypto worth is $700M-$1B.


Brock is a chairman of bitcoin foundation. He helped a number of companies like Mastercoin, Coinbase, and Ethereum. His net crypto worth is about $700M-$1B.


He is a CEO of Galaxy digital. He started to invest his fortune in cryptocurrency in 2013 and from that point, he added himself to the race of Billionaires. His current crypto net is about $700M-$1B.


He is a CEO of block one and at the age of 14, he sells magic weapons and characters in an online game where he started his journey of understanding virtual asset. His net crypto worth is $600M-$700M.


Currently, his estimated crypto net worth is $600M-$700M. He is Chief Technology Officer at block one. He came towards the digital world because he wanted to give life to the virtual properties of people.


He is a CEO of Bitfury and he had his reasons for coming towards the crypto world. After the Soviet Union’s crises, he witnessed how his parents money sunk. After years he decided to own a company where he can mine bitcoin. His current crypto net worth is $500M-$700M.


Charles Hoskinson’s crypto net worth is about $500M-$600M. Hoskinson started IOHK to create blockchain for the academic, corporations and government entities.


His academic record is absolutely remarkable. He studied from Harvard and worked with the firms like Yahoo and AOL. Now he is a CEO of Ripple and in future, he is going to create a blockchain for the banks. His current crypto net worth is about $400M-$500M.


Barry’s crypto net worth is about $400M-$500M. He is a CEO of digital currency group which is a company that has made absolute risky investments in Coinbase and Ripple.


He is responsible for creating $100 Billion market cap of Ethereum. He is a creator of Ethereum and now he collaborates with the JP Morgan, Microsoft, and BP. His current crypto net worth is about $400M-$500M.


He is a founder of Draper associates and it was his belief that crypto currency is going to drive most of the commerce of the world to itself. His current crypt net worth is about $350M-$500M.


In the period of 4 months, Dunamu has become one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea. Dunamu is considered as one of the major markets of bitcoin trading. The trading volume of this firm is about $11 Billion a day and Song’s current crypto worth is about $350M-$500M.

Forbes List 2018: The Richest People All Around the World in Cryptocurrency
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