You are probably thinking, why would a crypto as decentralized, and as fundamentally strong as Digibyte (DGB) need someone to shill it, right? Well, that’s because the crypto market is not big enough, or well understood enough, for it to be judged based on fundamentals. That’s why there are so many inferior projects that rank much higher than Digibyte. They simply have superior marketing. From a pure fundamentals perspective, Digibyte should be a top 10 project. However, that is not the case. Digibyte (DGB) is one step away from dropping out of the top 50. That’s an indicator that other projects are gaining value faster than DGB.

The main reason behind this situation is the lack of aggressive marketing for Digibyte, and it’s no one’s fault. This is one of the challenges that a decentralized project like DGB faces. There is simply no one responsible for marketing, and marketing efforts are largely by volunteers who have no real incentive to do it. That’s why the project can make do with a Justin Sun kind of person, an influential person who can be announcing every little thing that DGB accomplishes, and then blow it out of proportion. The impact would be an increase in the buzz around DGB, and help push up the volumes.

There are those that would believe that this would turn DGB into a pump and dump project, and water it down in the long run. This may be true in theory, but the reality is very different. With aggressive shilling by an influential person in crypto, anytime the whole market pumps, Digibyte (DGB) would pump harder. Over time, it would lead to a sustained rise, not just in value, but also in market cap rankings. That’s because, during market rallies, cryptos that have higher visibility tend to draw in the most; new money. People looking for quick returns have no time to scroll down market cap rankings looking at fundamentals.

Besides, the benefits of shilling go beyond the short-term. Right now, institutional money is getting into crypto at an exponential rate. However, this money is only taking an interest in Bitcoin (BTC) and a few other cryptos. The end result is that in the long run, money could consolidate around a small set of top 10 coins, starving the rest of volumes. The technological superiority of a coin doesn’t count. There are so many amazing technologies out there that never go mainstream, and people eventually forget about them. In essence, Digibyte (DGB) shouldn’t just count on superior tech. There is a need for aggressive marketing aimed at creating enough buzz, to propel Digibyte into the top 20 or even the top 10. That’s not an impossible feat since it has the tech to back it up.

In fact, with a Justin Sun kind of Shilling, Digibyte (DGB)’s rise would be exponential. This is a crypto with a technology that is already replacing the insecure email and password login. Such a feature alone if well marketed, could easily be the rocket fuel to push Digibyte up market cap rankings. How to go about such an initiative? Maybe a community crowdfund or some other ingenious approach.

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