These CryptoCurrencies Can Replace Bitcoin in Future

Cryptocurrency is in the middle of the war where some are in favor while some are proving their statements that this is just a bubble and nothing else. Bitcoin is not the only currency on which people are depending but there are hundreds of others which can make their place in the market in future.

If you are thinking to shift your interest towards the other cryptocurrencies then here are the top 4 alternative coins which may have your attention and can give you great profits in return for investments. Let’s have a look.


Litecoin was created by Ex-engineer of Google, Charlie Lee. You can say it’s a little younger than bitcoin but competitive. Right now the market cap of litecoin is around $10 Billion. While bitcoin takes 10 minutes for each new block but Litecoin takes about 2.5 minutes for each new block. It has lower cost and faster transaction which can make it a next bitcoin in few years.


Well the idea of name IOTA is quite interesting which stands for “Internet of Things Application”. IOTA is having an attention to market as well due to the progressive performance and other facilities. This cryptocurrency is basically for the lowest cost transactions and for the faster payment processing. If you want to do transactions through IOTA then you have to verify last two transactions and your next transaction will be free.


This is a branch of original bitcoin came into the market in August 2017. The current market cap of bitcoin cash is $28 Billion. The original bitcoin is limited to the 1MB block but this bitcoin cash was created to aim for the major blocks. It has the ability to process bitcoin payment at the timings of 7 seconds. The goal of bitcoin cash is to be efficient and helpful as much as real currency in the real world.


The original name of Monero was Bitmonero but to keep it short and sweet its Monero. It’s based on the cryptonote Algorithm and the best thing about this currency is that it has the ability to add block after every 2 minutes which helps this cryptocurrency in making faster transactions. Another thing which makes this currency superior to the bitcoin is that no coins are tainted here and transactions are absolutely private. It may be possible that Monero (XMR) will be a next bitcoin.

These CryptoCurrencies Can Replace Bitcoin in Future
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