Is This a Comeback of Cryptocurrency Today?

Finally, after a long wait of five days, bitcoin crazy members should be happy with the progress. Since the Wednesday morning bitcoin is showing progress in the market. During the last five days, bitcoin plunged below $6000 which makes a majority of people turn their backs on bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency other than bitcoin like Ripple XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin and more were in trouble too. They were falling rapidly in terms of value but Ripple XRP adoption is keeping it safe from any kind of disastrous situation. At this moment bitcoin is doing great in a market and going above $8000.

In past 24 hours, bitcoin is about 24% up while Ethereum is having 31% gains. Ripple XRP in the market is having 21% of the gains. The volume of bitcoin currently is $11,350,300 and circulating supply is 16,851,000 BTC. On the chart, the cryptocurrency at the second position is Ethereum with a volume of $5,370,390 and circulating supply is 97,465,015.

Another demanding cryptocurrency is Ripple XRP which is at the third position on charts with the volume of $1,856,920 and circulating supply is 39,009,215. Bitcoin cash is in the fourth position and Litecoin at 6th. If you want to have an overall view of the market then today everyone is having great profit out of it.

Investors and traders are quite happy today due to the increasing price but they should not be too excited because chances are one more crash may come up due to the Indian government who is still not able to implement regulations all around the country. After crackdown or regulations in India possibilities are that bitcoin may get down some in value.

The capitalization of a market is coming back to the $390 Billion which is a great sign. Investors who have already bought bitcoins 3-4 days ago must have gained good profit today. The value of bitcoin was $6000 or below 4 days ago but right at this point bitcoin is about $8000 and more which is such a great profit.

Is This a Comeback of Cryptocurrency Today?
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