CoinBase to Have New Addition in Family?

Coinbase is one of the most popular apps among the people who are inexperienced in trading and investment of cryptocurrency. Right now coinbase has 4 coins in it’s list which are Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin cash (BTH). Bitcoin cash (BTH) is one of the recently added currency to the coinbase and after an announcement, it rises about 100% in the value.

In the early January, there were rumors that coinbase is about to ad Ripple in its list but Coinbase said in a statement that there are no plans to add any new currency in their list.

Every coin right now in the list of coinbase is absolutely perfect in its own way and they are a part of the big league too. If coinbase is going to add some more cryptocurrency then it means that coin will be a part of the league too as well as a value will be high too.

Coinbase is in demand because it’s easy to use than any other platform and it’s convenient for the users who don’t know anything about cryptocurrency or who are at an initial stage of it. The point is which cryptocurrency is likely to be next candidate for the addition of coinbase. There are few rumors that from the following currencies one of the coins is going to be added next.

1. Ripple XRP
2. Monero

From one of these currencies chances are that this year coinbase is going to add cryptocurrency. If coinbase is about to add then possibilities are Ripple XRP will be on their list on top. Due to the increasing demand, lower transaction fee, and higher speed Ripple XRP will be their priority to make trading easy and faster from this platform. After adding BTH coinbase said that they are not going to add any more for a short time period.

XRP has recently added to the BitOasis which is Dubai exchange. XRP is having lots of opportunities for the firms to the banks and it makes it special in the market. The only problem is that XRP founders are controlling about 50% of the coins.

CoinBase to Have New Addition in Family?
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