So if you are thinking that all crypto coins are friends with each other then you are absolutely wrong because there is no way rivals can be friends. After going through so many ups and downs bitcoin is still on top, Ethereum on second position and Ripple successfully secured the third rank on the chart.

It doesn’t mean that Ripple and Ethereum don’t want to improve their positions. CEO of Ethereum is trying to warn bitcoin investors about how it can plunge all the way to zero and they can lose all their fortune in few seconds after investing in it.

A 24 year old Russian, Vitalik Buterin who is responsible for creating Ethereum warns the investors of bitcoin that soon they are going to be in major loss and bitcoin will start to walk towards the backward value.

He said that people should not invest huge sum what they cannot afford to lose, they should have started with the small sum of money so they can manage their life even after the loss in cryptocurrency. He wrote on Twitter that cryptocurrency is still a new thing in a market and it’s highly volatile in nature which can get back to zero anytime.

This is absolutely shocking to many people who were investing in cryptocurrency that they have to hear this news from a person who is an owner of world’s second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum with the market of $92.4Billion. He is known as one of the wealthiest men on earth who is managing cryptocurrency and people are showing interest in his coin.

As per his advice, if you want to do safe trading then traditional trading is the safest option in the market where you won’t lose all of your amount you have invested. This is quite confusing for the traders now regarding their fortune.


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