Bitcoin May Come to the Rescue After EBay To Drop Paypal As a Payment Option

EBay is one of the largest platforms for buying and selling all around the world. We all know how people of every profession create an account on this platform to sell their products online. The major source of buying and selling at EBay is PayPal and it is one of the popular methods of shopping all over the world. Have you ever thought that eBay and PayPal will ever call it off?

Well, we never do but it’s happening for the real. EBay has decided to ditch the PayPal as it’s main payment option and guess what? EBay may be going to replace PayPal with bitcoin payment option.

In the digital time where even currency is digital now, there is no use of PayPal on such platforms where you have to perform every task online. There should be a method of paying online as well which should be something like cryptocurrency.

EBay was getting problematic for the people who don’t want to make an account on PayPal and who like to have cash payment or who want to go through the wire transfer process. After so many years of togetherness, EBay and PayPal have decided to part their ways mutually. This decision will be positive for both companies.

EBay is looking for the ways where this platform can provide alternative payment options to the buyers and sellers other than PayPal. PayPal payment will stay on board until 2021 or 2023 until EBay is going to introduce tested and reliable payment system.

Now the new payment option will help sellers in tracking their payments and they can withdraw whenever they want. It will be easy to access EBay all over the world and revenue of this platform will reach the US $2Billion. This decision is going to help EBay in growing faster than ever before.

Bitcoin May Come to the Rescue After EBay To Drop Paypal As a Payment Option
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