Bitcoin Falls Below $8,000, Is it a Mother of Bubbles?

It seems like bitcoin bubble is about to burst but it may be possible that this is going to be a new starting for bitcoin value. Few days before we predicted about bitcoin value in February and we said that maybe bitcoin will fall below $8000. Right now bitcoin is going through the same situation where the value is falling rapidly per hour.

A market is expressing its fears and insecurities regarding cryptocurrency. There was a time when the crypto market was at its peak but in these two months of 2018, it seems like this year is not so great for cryptocurrency or maybe it is totally of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin started to go through a hard time after crackdowns and regulations in India, China, Japan and South Korea. Due to the ban on anonymous trading bitcoin has lost half of its customers all around the world who are unable to trade without showing their identification.

This is quite essential for the safety and to save people from the scam.

Due to hacking and manipulation, Facebook has also ban cryptocurrency ads which affect the marketing of bitcoin. Since yesterday bitcoin has lost half of its value and it falling rapidly like someone is dragging it.

According to analysts, bitcoin is nothing but a trouble for the people and if they are going to spend so much fortune on it then they are going lose all of it.

While on the other hand, few experienced investors are saying that this is an ideal time to buy bitcoin as it is affordable for most of the people and they can wait for few month until bitcoin get back to its position.

Due to the current market of bitcoin right now this cryptocurrency is getting a title of mother of all the bubbles. This is absolutely confusing for some while a nightmare for investors who are already into it.

Bitcoin Falls Below $8,000, Is it a Mother of Bubbles?
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