Bitcoin To Face Another Ban: Another Bank Puts Ban on Bitcoin Buying

Bitcoin is in trouble once again and now it seems like it’s a fate of bitcoin to be in problems all the time. In last few days people started to believe that bitcoin is going to recover from the loss and soon it will cross $15,000.

But now after one more ban, it’s not possible for the bitcoin to recover so soon and easily. In last 24 hours bitcoin has dropped to the value of $8,000 which is the worst thing to expect from such cryptocurrency. Today Lloyd’s bank has issued a statement in which they have banned the purchasing of bitcoin through their credit card.

This bank is making a team includes Halifax, Bank of Scotland and MBNA. After how bitcoin is falling every day, banks and other platforms are trying to get rid of it and they are afraid of volatile nature of cryptocurrency.

The credit card retailers all around the world are going to think about this decision too where they can put the ban on buying bitcoin from their credit cards. It seems like Bitcoin is in a deep trouble and it needs a lot of time to get stable in the market.

DeVere group which is a financial consulting group believe that bitcoin is going to be on top in next 12 months which is kind of dream right now. But according to the analysts in the market 2018 is the year of cryptocurrency because people are coming towards this technology and they like to use it.

Due to the increasing buyers in a market, it may be possible that bitcoin can shoot up its value at once in coming months. Ethereum, bitcoin cash, bitcoin, and Ripple are one of the top currencies right now with the largest market cap all around the world.

Bitcoin To Face Another Ban: Another Bank Puts Ban on Bitcoin Buying
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