Bitcoin Drops 9%, It’s a Make or Break Moment For Bitcoin

During last three years, bitcoin has shown tremendous progress in the market. Other than bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies were doing great too. After launching these currencies into the market several crackdowns and bans happened all around the world. It badly affected the progress and value of bitcoin. Investors and traders who were taking interest in bitcoin tried to get away from it and others who were already into it sell it off.


All these actions affected the bitcoin badly and plunged down the value of it. This is a break or makes moment for the bitcoin all around the world.

The main causes of bitcoin devalue are India and South Korea. After bans and regulations on cryptocurrency bitcoin value plunged down below $20,000 in few months. Right at this moment, bitcoin value has gone below $11,000 and this is shocking to all the investors and traders right now. This is the major low in the history of bitcoin.

In November bitcoin dropped below $10,000 but recovered every time. This is causing traders to panic who already have bought bitcoin from the market. In just two months bitcoin has fallen down to the lowest value and dropped about 9% in few days.


The other side of the coin is that the major strategist of Wall Street Tom Lee said this is one of the biggest buying opportunity of 2018. After few weeks bitcoin is going to get stable in the market and people will be able to make a major profit out of it.

Lee also said that at the end of the year bitcoin is going to be about $25,000. Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has shown his concern regarding bitcoin regulations. According to him, bitcoin regulations should be strict in the world to stop the crime. This can go below $9000 too in upcoming weeks.

Bitcoin Drops 9%, It’s a Make or Break Moment For Bitcoin
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