Bitcoin Cash Is Making Record of $2.5 Billion Daily Trading Volume

All the cryptocurrencies in the market are showing great move. Some of them are moving with the single digit gains and some of them are going up with double-digit gains. After several weeks of downfall, cryptocurrency is finally in the cracking position to attract investors once again.

Cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and litecoin all are showing massive progress within 2 days. If we are talking about the bitcoin cash then we can see how strongly it is still going in the market. In last 24 hours, some of the currencies have shown a little bit of deadline but bitcoin cash has surged about 25% in last 24 hours.

You can’t say that market is completely stable because few currencies are showing fluctuation but bitcoin cash seems to be strong at this moment. Bitcoin cash has moved from $995 to $1250 in 24 hours which is such a great progress.

On the OKex trading platform which is Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange, bitcoin cash has the title of one of the most traded cryptocurrency till now. The daily trading volume of bitcoin cash at OKEx is about $2.5 Billion which is definitely helping bitcoin cash in maintaining its position in the market.

Due to the offline issue of Binance, OKex has taken over the position of Binance in the market and has become the largest cryptocurrency exchange globally. With such a great volume of $2.5 Billion bitcoin cash has become the third cryptocurrency with such liquidity.

If you compare past few month to this point then bitcoin cash has never reached this volume. Many investors are questioning this change in bitcoin cash and how it’s gaining this much in the market suddenly? According to the experienced analysts, after few days everything is going to get back to the position and bitcoin will only grow from that point.

Bitcoin Cash Is Making Record of $2.5 Billion Daily Trading Volume
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1 Comment

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