Analysts Predictions: Bitcoin Will Reach $1 Trillion This Year.

From the first day of January 2018, cryptocurrency market was in a total trouble. From the peak of $19,000 bitcoin fell all the way to the $6,000 which was an absolute loss for the investors.

People were thinking that bitcoin can never go back to the low value but after several crackdowns and regulations bitcoin started to sink. Last five days were the worst days in the history of bitcoin and cryptocurrency plunged to their lowest values.

On the Wednesday morning bitcoin crossed $7000 and at this point bitcoin is $9000 value.

This is one of the most valuable progress in this year. After the progress of today, analysts are coming up with the predictions that bitcoin is going to hit about $1 Trillion in 2018. There is a reason behind why bitcoin successfully raised its position in the market on Wednesday morning.

In US Senate hearing now strict rules are going to implement all over America which will make cryptocurrency market more strongly. This volatile market is not going to be volatile anymore because due to save investment traders will come towards it. They don’t have to go through scams and frauds anymore.

After sudden increment in cryptocurrency value today it seems like that bitcoin still has that power to flip market in few days. If bitcoin is going to reach $1 Trillion then cryptocurrency is definitely going to stay here for 100 years. In the mid of 2018 bitcoin may reach the $50,000 which will be one of the highest value of cryptocurrency till now.

All we have to witness is if cryptocurrency market is able to keep itself stable for the whole week or next 24 hours are going to be equally critical of it? The volume of trading and investment is going to decide the future of digital currency.

Analysts Predictions: Bitcoin Will Reach $1 Trillion This Year.
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1 Comment

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