4 Major Companies Who Are Testing Ripple’s Technology to Make it Strong

Cryptocurrency is not doing well these days and there is a number of predictions in the market which shows how cryptocurrency is about to burst in few days and on the other hand few predictions are showing how it will rise in few days. Who to believe?

We have published a post a few days ago where we have predicted that bitcoin is going to plunge below $6000 till mid of February but from the next month it will grow and there will be no stop.

Until the mid of 2018 bitcoin will be more than $15,000. Same goes for the Ripple XRP but Ripple is in a good position due to the major adoptions. Here we are telling you about some of the companies who are testing Ripple technology due to which Ripple is still safe.


Deloitte is known as one of the major global accounting firms however it’s a private firm. This company has another title of giving a first chance to the Ripple blockchain technology. According to this company, there will be no more waiting for the customers in future to receive their money in their bank accounts.


So Moneygram international has announced that they are going to test Ripple blockchain technology as well as XRP coins to make payment method easier all around the world. This effort is to make transaction costs lower and transfers fasters. For the cross-border transactions, this method is going to be quick and people don’t have to wait for 3-4 days in order to recover their funds.


American Express is working all over the world and this company is in the favor of cryptocurrency. American Express has already joined hands with another firm Banco Santander to check Ripple’s technology and XRP coins. This partnership between two companies has given a golden opportunity to the Ripple technology to show it wonders to the world.


SBI holdings are the most supportive company till now in favor of XRP. SBI announced that SBI virtual currency exchange is only going to work with Ripple’s XRP token at the launch. SBI Group is going to launch Ripple all over the world and this is going to give major exposure to the Ripple all over the world.

4 Major Companies Who Are Testing Ripple’s Technology to Make it Strong
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