2018 Predictions: Where Bitcoin Will Be in 6 Months

2018 looks like a crucial starting for cryptocurrency and now it’s hard to make people believe bitcoin is going to be back and with the same value. After such a great setback it’s not easy to make a quick recovery in the market.

Bitcoin has lost about $50 Billion of its value in the market and most of the traders rush to the market to sell their coins. People have always seen bitcoin as a source of getting rich quickly but there are very few who can watch this as a trading asset for a long time.

Experienced analyst all over the world predicted that most of the coins will gain their lost value until the mid of 2018. Cryptocurrency will take time to stabilize and you can see cryptocurrency as an independent currency in June/July. Experts said that in 6 months bitcoin will get back to the value of $15,500 for sure. This may be possible only if countries will allow this currency to get stable.

According to the experts, bitcoin is fluctuating due to the major factors and these factors are affecting its value badly. Bitcoin is going through the outside challenges including regulations.

According to the Derig Ceg Founder and CEO of Richtopia said that if regulations are going to get stable soon then bitcoin can achieve the target of $50,000 until December easily. If countries like China, South Korea, and India will decide about regulations and stop being confused nations then bitcoin can start choosing it’s valued accordingly.

Bitcoin can improve the technological structure of the world only when factors will be in the favor of cryptocurrency so not only bitcoin but other coins can grow well in the market too. As per experienced analysts, bitcoin is going to write history after reaching the $50,000 in just a year.

2018 Predictions: Where Bitcoin Will Be in 6 Months
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